Concrete Driveways Ingersoll

Concrete Driveways Ingersoll

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Why Choose London Concrete Forming for Your Concrete Driveway?

Concrete driveways are one of the first things noticed when approaching a residence. They need to be durable and long-lasting to add value and elegance to your home for years to come. Concrete is the top choice for driveways due to its superior longevity compared to asphalt and paving stones. Builders worldwide prefer concrete for its unmatched durability and aesthetic versatility.

Durability and Longevity

As a leading Ingersoll concrete contractor, London Concrete Forming focuses on delivering high standards in driveway construction to ensure long-term success. Our concrete driveways are poured on a compacted gravel base, achieving a minimum 98% proctor density. Typically, we pour 100mm thick slabs reinforced with ½ inch rebar spaced 18 inches apart. This specification supports regular cars and small trucks, providing superior strength compared to other materials. For larger vehicles or heavy equipment, we can increase the slab thickness to 6 or 8 inches with ⅝ inch rebar, surpassing the strength of our competitors.

Construction Standards

Our commitment to quality includes:

  • Compacted Gravel Base: Ensures stability and longevity.
  • Reinforced Concrete: Utilizes high-strength rebar for added durability.
  • Custom Specifications: Options for thicker slabs and stronger rebar for heavy-duty use.

Types of Concrete Driveways

Broom Finish Concrete Driveway

The most common driveway finish, broom finish driveways can include added color for decorative appeal. They require minimal maintenance, such as sealing, compared to other decorative options.

Float Finish Concrete Driveway

An upgrade from broom finish, float finish driveways feature hand cuts or saw cuts. Colors and acid stains can be added, with acrylic sealers recommended for these finishes. Ideal for steeper grades when using penetrating concrete sealers.

Architectural Sandblast Concrete Driveway

A decorative upgrade from broom finish, this option includes hand cuts or saw cuts, with color and acid stains. Acrylic sealers enhance the finish, suitable for areas with steep grades.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete Driveways

Popular for their decorative appeal, exposed aggregate driveways are achieved by washing or sandblasting the surface to reveal the aggregate. Often combined with stamped concrete borders for a unique look.

Stamped Driveways

Rubber mats imprint textures and patterns into the concrete, resembling slate, stone, or brick. These driveways are typically colored before stamping and sealed with high gloss sealers for vibrant colors. Not recommended for steep grades due to potential slipperiness.

Concrete Driveways with Borders

Borders are poured separately to divide the driveway, adding a decorative touch to your landscaping. You can mix and match finishes and colors between the borders and main areas for endless customization options.

Cost of a Concrete Driveway

Basic Broom Finish Driveway

Starting at $9.00 per square foot with no base work required, broom finish driveways offer affordability. Prices increase for decorative options. We provide onsite visits for accurate quotes and showcase examples of various combinations.

Decorative Concrete Driveways

Prices vary based on design and customization. Contact us for an onsite assessment and personalized quote.

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